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For more information, please send us an email or call 785-747-2251 extension 222.

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Living Opportunities

Sheltered Living

Group Homes – four to six of our people live in each home with staffing around the clock. We still emphasize training in-home living skills, but care is given where needed as the severity of their disability often limits what our folks in these homes can do.

Transitional and Independent Living

We have six apartment complexes (six to eight units per complex) plus some folks who live in the community outside of our facilities. Support and training for these individuals is geared toward their particular needs. Many of these folks become quite active in our communities participating in bowling leagues, clubs, churches, and various other civic and community activities.

Work Opportunities

Sheltered Work

Day Activity

Some of our folks are severely limited due to their disabilities or age. For these folks we have a variety of activities to keep their time and days occupied.

Work Activity

Here we provide actual work for our consumers to complete in our workshops located in Greenleaf and Beattie, Kan. Jobs we have done include:

Supported Employment

Small groups of our consumers ride a van each workday morning to complete subcontract work in various area businesses:

  • Landoll Corporation, Marysville, Kan. — We provide janitorial services throughout its plant and offices.
  • Washington Co Recycling, Washington, Kan. — We sort recyclable products.

Competitive Employment

We have had many individuals successfully procure and compete in regular jobs in the community. Our folks have and are working in a variety of jobs including welder; wire grinder; grocery sacker, shelf stocker and cart retrieval; auto repair; janitor; lawn mowing; fast food and more.

Case Management

Each of our folks served are offered the support of a case manager who becomes their advocate in managing the decisions about services they are available for within the Kansas system for folks with developmental disabilities. The wide array of services has become mind boggling over the years and the case managers basically lend a hand in traversing the system.

For more information: Download Case Management Brochure (PDF)

Children & Family Supports

We provide limited support to local children and families to assist them in allowing their child to become as independent and progress as far as possible in life. We provide all the way from minimal assistance in medical, respite and other similar needs through much more intensive in home supports for families who may have a child with severe needs. Other things we help families with may include lifts for vans, home modifications to make their home accessible for their child, special formula, or a wide variety of other medical needs that aren’t supported by insurance or other programs.


We provide a wide array of transportation services to support all the above programs. We also operate a Public Transportation Program that goes outside of transporting just our folks and within limits, provides transportation to other local folks. We take many folks to medical appointments, especially ongoing dialysis and cancer treatments and we transport travelers to and from the airport in Kansas City.

For more information, please send us an email or call 785-747-2251 extension 222.